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College is Offering 2 years B Ed program with 4 Semesters and 80 days of practice teaching and two weeks pre internship period.Collage offers training facilities in the following optional subject with a total of 50 trainers divided among five optional subjects

English 10
Mathematics 10
Physical Science 10
Natural Science 10
Social Science 10
Total 50



The college has elaborate laboratories with most modern facilities to help the students in their academic persuit.There are Audio Visual Lab, Psychology Lab, Physical Science Lab and IT Lab. Students are practicing at regular intervals. There is an access of internet facility in the college. Students can avail facilities with guidance and consent of the teacher in charge.

  • Classes beign every day at 9.30 am. Students shall assemble for prayer soon after the first bell, Which is followed by thought for the day.
  • Morning session is from 9.30 am to 12.30 pm and the after noon session is from 1.30 pm to 4.30 pm
  • Students should be punctual and regular in class.
  • Unauthorised absence is seriously dealt with. Absence of one period in a day will be counted as absence for that session.
  • Application for leave should be submitted in the prescribed leave form, at least a day before it is to be availed of. It should be submitted to the Principal with the recommendation of the optional teacher concerned.
  • The total attendance of each student will be displayed on the notice board at the end of every month.
  • A student absenting himself with out leave for 15 consecutive working days will be removed from the rolls.
  • For admission to the university examination, students should have:-
    • The required attendance out of the total no of working days.
    • Attanded all the demonstration and criticism class.
    • A satisfactory academic achievement and conduct in the college.
    • Completed the course of instruction and practical work to the satisfaction of the teachers and principal.
    • Attended all the examinations conducted by the college authorities.

An elaborate library facility is provided in the college and a full time librarian is in the charge of library. The library and reading room remain open from 9.30 am to 5.00 pm on all working days. There are more than 3000 of books related to the concerned subjects and there are many journals and periodicals in many languages.

  • Students are allowed to take only a note book to the library. All other belonging shall be left at the entrance.
  • Students can borrow two books at a time on production of library card. The borrowed books can be retained for SEVEN days and a fine shall be levied in the case of books not returned on the due date.
  • Strict silence should be maintaned in and around the library.
  • All the borrowed books should be returned two weeks before the final examination.
  • Borrowers shall replace the book in case of it is lost or damaged.
  • Sub lending of libraby books is not allowed.
  • Reference books and current issue of any periodeical cannot be borrowed.
  • Hall ticket shall be issued only after obtaining a NO-DUE CERTIFICATE from the librarian.
  • Hostel facility is made available for both girls and boys.
  • Students shall take permission from the principal before receiving admission to hostels.
  • Any subsequent change of residence shall be made only with the written permission of the principal.
  • Student should obey the rules and directions given by the warden/deputy warden from time to time.

A variety of co-curricular programmes are organised under the auspices of various clubs. Each club with its specific aims and objectives prepares a plan of action at the beginning of the academic year. The principal shall be the ex-officio president of all clubs. The office beares are elected from among the students. The important clubs functioning in the college are.

  • Literary Club
  • Nature Club
  • Mathematics Club
  • Social Science Forum
  • Science Club
  • Health, Fitness and Sports Club.
  • Debate Club
  • Tourism Club